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Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month on Twitch

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Twitch is home to an amazingly diverse set of creators and communities and, this September in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our favorite Hispanic and Latino streamers. Join the celebration!

No matter what kind of stream you’re looking for, from competitive gaming to creative arts, our featured Hispanic and Latino streamers will be doing what they do best all throughout the month on the front page. Tune in to your favorites or check out a new stream for the first time! Here’s a full schedule of who we’re featuring and when:

Sept. 1st, AndrewArcade, 12–2PM

Sept. 2nd, Tocata, 1–3PM

Sept. 3rd, Marielitai, 12–2PM

Sept. 4th, Katykoart, 3–5PM

Sept. 5th, TheMexicanRunner, 10AM-12PM

Sept. 6th, hotted89, 9–11AM

Sept. 7th, SavinTheBees, 8–10PM

Sept. 8th, Unrooolie, 2–4PM

Sept. 9th, Selenityy, 10AM-12PM

Sept. 10th, Angels_piano, 8–10AM

Sept. 11th, Lulaboo, 1–3PM

Sept. 12th, DeerNadia, 6–8PM

Sept. 13th, Nikatine, 9–11AM

Sept. 14th, Kitanya, 10AM-12PM

Sept. 15th, JeffBrutlag, 2–4PM

Sept. 16th, YourPrincess, 1–3PM

Sept. 17th, MarDCaos, 2–4PM

Sept. 18th, SleepyMia, 8–10AM

Sept. 19th, ChicaLive, 2–4PM

Sept. 20th, Elix9, 6–8PM

Sept. 21st, AlfredoPlays, 4–6PM

Sept. 22nd, SimpleFlips, 4–6PM

Sept. 23rd, Towelliee, 6–8AM

Sept. 24th, Fedmyster, 6–8PM

Sept. 25th, gabyspartz, 2–4PM

Sept. 26th, Castro_1021, 9–11AM

We’re featuring streamers just ahead of the official start of National Hispanic Heritage, as the end of September brings a strong focus on TwitchCon San Diego. We wanted to ensure our featured creators and their communities are given the full length of time to celebrate their content, so we’ve opted to use the full month of September for National Hispanic Heritage Month on Twitch.

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