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Catch Yourself Some New Skins, Items, and More During Ark’s Love Evolved Event

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It’s the time of the year when love permeates the air as Ark survivors get ready for the Love Evolved event. Valentine’s Day marks the start of an annual event in Ark that sends the community out to their favorite scenic locations with their fishing poles. What’s the catch? During the Love Evolved event, survivors will have an opportunity to reel in new skins, items, and five new chibi pets to collect by fishing for Valentines’ Coelacanth. In addition to the favorites of past years’ events, we’ve included some new swimsuit skins and new chibi’s to add to your growing collection!

Ark Love Evolved Event

Keeping in the spirit of love, the Ark community loves having an active voice in the development of the game. We saw the voices represented in the 70 thousand votes for the next community-sponsored creature. Taking the crown as the second community-voted creature, Desmodus draculae, is the latest community-voted addition to Ark. Desmodus will find its home in the Nordic-inspired map Fjordur later this summer! 

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Ark Love Evolved Event

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There’s nothing I love more than seeing the experience of Ark through the community’s perspective. There’s a story unfolding between the scared and tense moments as a new survivor in Hide armor to proud and overconfident ones as a survivor in TEK. While your personal story is unfolding, the narrative for the game is as well. Your travels across the different Arks will define and ultimately play a part in the experiences you have and share. That’s why I love that Xbox Game Pass members can experience the definitive collection with Ark Ultimate Survivor Edition arriving with Xbox Game Pass later this month. Do you have what it takes to complete the ultimate quest for survival?

There’s more in store beyond Fjordur that we’d love to share, but we should probably keep a few surprises for later!

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ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition

Studio Wildcard

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$59.99 $47.99

Experience everything that the ARK franchise has to offer in this definitive collection! Tame and ride primeval creatures as you explore savage lands, team up with other players to compete in epic tribal battles, and travel together on the greatest Dinosaur-filled adventure of all time. ARK: The Ultimate Survivor Edition includes ARK: Survival Evolved, along with these huge Expansion Packs: Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis Parts 1 & 2. All updated and optimized with every improvement made since the launch of the base game, adding up to thousands of hours of gameplay! From primordial island jungles to the futuristic gardens of an interstellar starship, every sprawling environment is here for you to conquer! Discover the hundreds of unique species roaming these lands, from the prehistoric to the fantastical, and learn how to befriend these creatures, or to defeat them. Complete your collection of notes and dossiers left by past explorers to learn the surprising history of the ARKs. Test your tribe and your beasts in battle with every boss challenge from the franchise! Do you and your friends have what it takes to survive the ultimate ARK experience?

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