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Call of the Sea Now Available with Xbox Game Pass

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Today, our game Call of the Sea has launched for all the world to play and we’re tremendously excited. We can’t wait to hear from players as they delve into our story about Norah, our main character, and follow her journey to a remote island in search of her husband’s lost expedition.

Call of the Sea

Getting to this day has been an amazing journey for us at Out of the Blue as well. As much as we’ve developed Call of the Sea we feel that we, like Norah, have explored a whole new world. We’re veterans in the world of game development, 11 passionate people who’ve worked on various games before. With Out of the Blue, our brand-new studio, we’ve set off on a new adventure as thrilling as anything we’ve done in the past.  

Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea is the first game we’ve created as a team and with it, we also take you into the past. It’s an otherworldly adventure game set in the 1930s. You take on the role as Norah, a young woman who has crossed an ocean in desperate search of her husband, who has gone missing during an expedition. To find out what fate has befallen them, you will solve puzzles and unveil secrets. On occasions, reality will distort and turn to the surreal. We haven’t created a horror game, just to be clear. All of us on the team have, however, always had a passion for the supernatural and the unexplored, so we have taken inspiration from the how H.P. Lovecraft told his stories, and written the story to fill you with a creeping realization. We’ve wanted you to discover clues to what might lie beyond the world before your eyes.

Call of the Sea

Norah is played by Cissy Jones, whom we’ve long admired for her capacity of creating characters through the use of her voice alone. She mesmerized us in Firewatch and it has been incredible to see her make Norah come alive in Call of the Sea.

Call of the Sea

At its heart, Call of the Sea is a love story. Love, perhaps the most powerful emotion we humans ever feel, has taken Norah across the world to dive into unknown mysteries. Our goal has been to intelligently portray the calm and power that comes with a relationship built on mutual respect and genuine adoration. With her words, Cissy brings all that depth to the character and makes Norah feel alive and present in a way that has surpassed our greatest hopes.   

Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea is, of course, also a game. a first-person, puzzle-based, narratively driven adventure game and the fact that is, is its own love story. All of us on the dev team grew up playing amazing adventure and puzzle games. Our goal has been to bring the nostalgic joy from those games, while adding deeper emotional dimensions to create something fresh and vital.  So, we welcome you all to our mysterious, puzzling adventure about love, crafted with love. We greatly look forward to hearing from you all, and we hope you enjoy Call of the Sea.  

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Call of the Sea

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It is 1934, in the far reaches of the South Pacific. Norah has crossed the ocean following the trail of her missing husband’s expedition and finds herself on a lush island paradise – a nameless, forgotten place, dotted with the remnants of a lost civilization. What strange secrets does it hold, and what might Norah unearth in her quest for the truth? EXPLORE THE BEAUTY Explore a stunning tropical island (meticulously modelled in Unreal Engine 4), brimming with fantastic sights, lost ruins and occult mysteries. MEET NORAH Experience a charming character study of a woman on her quest to discover the truth of the disappearance of her husband and to find out who she really is, fully voiced by Cissy Jones (Firewatch, The Walking Dead: Season 1). DIVE INTO THE DEEP Immerse yourself in a story-driven adventure full of emotion, suspense and surreal surprises. SEARCH FOR MEANING Investigate the clues left by a previous voyage, piece together what happened, and solve a variety of clever puzzles.

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