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Bully 2 To Be Released After Red Dead Redemption 2 According To Leak

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The original Bully provoked both controversy and critical praise upon its release back in 2006.

Set at the gothic Bullworth Academy, the game was brutal in its portrayal of the horrors and miseries of high school life.

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Many players loved the wit, memorable band of characters and well conceived narrative; whereas others feared the way it depicted the serious issue of bullying.

Well now it appears we’re in for another peek at the turbulent life of boarding school pupil, Jimmy Hopkins, with a potential Bully 2 in the the works…

A ‘Rockstar Games insider’ has made the following intriguing reveal on the GTA Forums page:

Bully 2 is indeed in development and is supposed to be the next game after RDR2.

Red Dead Redemption 2, is expected to be available to play after October 26 2018, so not too much of a wait now…

Find out if you’re the typical Xbox gamer below:

Another forum member suggested how a Bully sequel could be available as early as Spring 2019, playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

This member said:

It’s no secret that they have been working on it at several points till now but shelved it in between to focus on Max Payne 3 and probably shelved it a second time to help out with GTA V. [sic]

I heard from a source close to R* that they have a working prototype for Bully 2, however it’s unknown on which engine it runs.

It’s been years since we were last roaming the grounds of Bullworth Academy, Old Bullworth Vale, Bullworth Town, New Coventry; encountering Bullies, Nerds, Preppies, Greasers, and Jocks at every turn.

Naturally, players are interested in how the game will have progressed or shifted during this time.

For instance, will we be right back in Jimmy’s shoes just as if he has been preserved in amber all this time? Or will he have moved up to an equally prestigious and vicious college? Bullington University perhaps?

Some fans have even suggested there could be a new protagonist ready to shake things up?

Some people believe Rockstar‘s participation – for ‘corporate reasons’ – at E3 is further evidence of the company preparing to roll out Bully 2.

Back in 2009, fans were excited when musician Shawn Lee, who penned the score for Bully – described the sequel as being ‘not in the distant future’.

Two years after this reveal, Rockstar boss, Dan Houser, explained the team were waiting for the ‘excitement or disappointment and everything else of the experience’ to pass before delivering a sequel.

This iconic game has been shoved in a locker for too long, it’s high time Rockstar jumped on their skateboard and brought this classic game to a new generation.

If you’ve been affected by bullying, and want to speak to someone in confidence, contact Bullying UK (Part of Family Lives) on 0808 800 2222. The helpline service is open 9am – 9pm, Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm Saturday and Sunday.

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