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Build the home of the future in The MagPi #104

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Home of the future

Home of the future 

This is a wonderful feature that’s packed with innovative ideas for DIY projects. We’ve gone room-by-room around the house and looked for Raspberry Pi projects that turn a dull house into a smart home.

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Pico-died Raspberry Pi projects

Pico-fied Raspberry Pi projects

Raspberry Pi’s new microcontroller offers new ways to go about classic builds. In this feature, we look at the ways makers are using Pico to reimagine their Raspberry Pi projects. From motor controllers to music and MIDI generation. 

iPod Classic Spotify player

iPod Classic Spotify player

The iPod Classic was great for its time. But the world has moved on to music streaming. What better way to rediscover this old piece of kit than to use Raspberry Pi Zero to add Spotify to it? We take a look at this wonderful build.

Kay-Berlin Food Computer

Growing food with Raspberry Pi: Kay-Berlin Food Computer

Automated farming may be the future for the agriculture industry. Some makers are using Raspberry Pi to experiment with growing food automatically. The Kay-Berlin Food Computer is a fully automated growth chamber that can monitor over a dozen atmospheric and root zone variables. Tasty!

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Build an arcade machine: Get the parts

Build an arcade machine: Part one, get the parts

Many makers dream of owning an arcade machine. This month, KG Orphanides is starting a new series on building an arcade cabinet from scratch. We’ll look at the parts you need to buy, and a few places to get them from. Join us on a journey to own our very own coin-op classic. 

Cheap trills for all: MIDI guitar

Make a MIDI guitar with trill sensors

Mike Cook has been busy with Trill sensors in the last few issues of The MagPi magazine, and this issue he gets to use them with Raspberry Pi Pico to build this rather cool MIDI guitar. It reminds us of the Guitar Hero video game (but it’s much more versatile).

Pico Explorer Base

Prototype electronics with Pico Explorer Base

Raspberry Pi Pico is a wonderful piece of kit, and the only thing that makes us more excited is the wide range of products coming out. One of the first off the blocks is Pimoroni’s Pico Explorer Base. Experiment with electronics, and a mini display, and build your own Pico physical computing projects.

Pick up your copy of The MagPi magazine #104

The MagPi magazine is available as a free digital download, or you can purchase a print edition from our Raspberry Pi Press store.

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