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Bring Odin’s Army to its Knees in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate on Xbox One

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Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate launches today! For those unaware, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate was our company’s first Xbox One title, and now over five years later, we’re back with another exciting Musou adventure. This game marks the next evolution of our 1 vs. 1,000 action series, setting up one of our most epic battles ever!

In Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate,
the heroes of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors team up with the gods of
ancient history to fight the powerful Odin and his evil army hellbent on
destroying the world. Showcasing over 170 playable characters, the series
features the most playable characters in any hack-and-slash video game to date,
and WO4 Ultimate ups the ante once again, adding some slick new fighters
to the adventure.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

The first new character we’ve added to
the lineup should be no stranger to Koei Tecmo fans: One of the most beloved
ninjas in all of gaming, Ryu Hayabusa. Ryu first broke onto the gaming scene in
the legendary Ninja Gaiden franchise, before taking his lightning-fast kicks to
the Dead or Alive arena. In Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, the young member
of the Hayabusa Ninja clan and heir to the throne of the Dragon lineage brings
his legendary Dragon Sword to the battlefield, ready to slice and dice anyone
who steps in his way… human or god, while proving once again that nothing is
stronger than Hayabusa-style Ninjutsu!

Joining our favorite ninja is the
mysterious new character, “The Genius Taoist” Yang Jian. Jian fights off
enemies with a deadly tri-point, double-edged glaive, but best of all, always
has his celestial canine companion, Xiaotian fighting by his side. When Yang
Jian unleashes his special ability to deify in battle, he opens the eye on his
forehead, spins his weapon, and envelops his divine canine in water. This
magical ability causes Xiaotian to run in circles around the battlefield and generates
a powerful whirlpool attack that pretty much wipes out every enemy standing
before the heroes.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Also jumping into battle are the
legendary Achilles, Gaia, Hades, and even Joan of Arc! Each of these characters
bring their own unique weapons, magic, and skills to the fight as gamers charge
into battle to find out the truth behind Odin’s sinister plan.

In addition to the new characters, WO4U
also adds in a fun new Infinity mode to help gamers level up each of their
favorite fighters. In the Trial of
Zeus, gamers will take a three-player party on a deadly quest as they attempt
to clear the trials of the 12 towers — with each dungeon representing a
different sign of the zodiac. As they clear each trial, gamers will earn
experience points, unlock characters, and strengthen weapons — combating
tougher and tougher enemies with each advancement up the battle-torn tower.
This is a great way to hone your skills while leveling up characters before
ultimately jumping back into the main story to take on Odin and his fierce

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

me, this is a mode that the development team has put the most hours of gameplay
into in our spare time, and we can’t wait for everyone to give it a shot. Hope
everyone loves playing as the new characters and battling their way through the
Trials of Zeus as much as we do.

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WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate with Bonus




The supreme "WARRIORS OROCHI" experience is here! The definitive installment of the "WARRIORS OROCHI 4", featuring all the content of the WARRIORS OROCHI 4: The Ultimate Upgrade Pack, is available now. Please see the official website for details. Note: This product features WARRIORS OROCHI 4 base game in a bundle with WARRIORS OROCHI 4: The Ultimate Upgrade Pack. If you already own WARRIORS OROCHI 4, please purchase the WARRIORS OROCHI 4: The Ultimate Upgrade Pack separately instead. This content requires the latest patch update installed before use. A Deluxe Edition is also available. Early Purchase Bonus (for purchases made before Mar.6, 2020) – 4 Bonus Costumes: Gaia + 3 others later (Zhou Yu, Oichi, and Da Ji)

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