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Brick Masters Use 10,000 LEGO Pieces to Recreate the Star Wars Millennium Falcon!

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Titans Creations, a Singapore-based team of six, spent two months building a Millennium Falcon with 10,000 LEGO pieces just in time for LEGOLAND Malaysia’s event on May 4. It measures 144cm by 144cm, and is approximately 40% larger than Lego’s very own Star Wars “Ultimate Collector’s Edition” Millennium Falcon, which is 84cm by 56cm, according to the Brickpedia, a database of LEGO products.

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The minifigs fit the ship’s dimensions perfectly, and Titans Creations took things to the next level by adding 24 LEDs to light the corridors, hyperdrive, rear thrusters and cockpit.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/TitansCreations/photos_stream

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