Bleeding Edge Gets Even Bigger with Mekko and a Brand-new Map

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Today, we’re incredibly hyped to announce a brand-new fighter coming to Bleeding Edge: Mekko!

Mekko is a
trash-talking, crab-walking dolphin piloting a mech, and the sole survivor of a
series of brutal experiments designed to turn ocean dwelling creatures into
biological sonic weapons. Aided by Daemon, Mekko escaped captivity and now puts
his mechanical-assisted abilities to the test in the Bleeding Edge arenas.

Our newest addition to Bleeding Edge is a Ranged Tank with limited mobility who can pull allies to safety. By absorbing damage with his bubble shield, Mekko generates Power Orbs which can be used to power up his specials.

Mekko will be available for all players in the launch window of Bleeding Edge, and you can learn more about his move set and backstory here on

Map: Landslide

Bleeding Edge will launch with a brand-new map: Landslide! Set in Mexico, it features new defensive power ups and more trains! The trains in landslide are a little smaller than the one in Jersey Sink and a little less deadly, but you should avoid being run over all the same.

Landslide features both Power Collection and Objective Control game modes, and will be added to Bleeding Edge at launch on March 24


Want to see Mekko taking names and making waves? We’ll be streaming live from the Ninja Theory studio today from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. GMT (8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. PT) to show off his full playability. Since he won’t be in-game until the launch window, watch our stream to get an advance preview of him in action on Mixer, Twitch and YouTube

Art Packs

We’ve also
updated the Fighters Pack on our media page to include some Mekko artwork and
two full sets of avatars featuring all our fighters. The first avatar set
contains hand-drawn portraits of our fighters as seen from the character select
screen in-game, and the second avatar set contains pixel art portraits. Get the art packs here!

Beta 2 Coming March 13

Our second and final closed beta is coming soon, running March 13 to 16. Be sure to pre-order Bleeding Edge on Xbox One, Windows 10 or Steam, or become an Xbox Game Pass member if you’d like to play! We’ll release more information on upcoming features, server times and pre-install soon so stay tuned here to Xbox Wire for all of the latest Bleeding Edge news.

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