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Black Desert Arrives on Xbox One March 4

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In Black Desert we want our players to make new homes in a world that we have created, and we’ve been working hard on ensuring that the world feels like a living, breathing experience that players can truly immerse themselves in. Today, we’re delighted to announce that Black Desert will arrive on Xbox One March 4.

Our robust character customization tool allows you to select one of our six unique character classes and create a true expression of yourself. Whether you choose the Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Wizard, or Witch, you can make the adventure your own.

Black Desert

Black Desert

For those who want to explore the world with other adventurers, guilds will allow you to band together to complete quests and to craft guild equipment. Shortly after launch, a new guild feature will allow players to battle for control of different nodes in guild-based PvP action.

The combat in Black Desert is action packed. Nearly every skill that your character can use is a combination of buttons on your controller. The combat system also allows you to connect different skill finishers for a visceral combat experience. For example, as a Berserker, you can grab and slam your opponent into the floor, but by inputting certain commands at certain times, you can complete the skill differently. This gives you complete control over how your character performs in battle, providing a skill based combat system that rewards outplaying your opponent.

Black DesertBlack Desert

But Black Desert doesn’t only feature intense combat. For those who want to simply relax and immerse themselves in a new world, you can develop your life skills. With activities ranging from cooking, horse training, resource gathering, or fishing, you can support your adventure through these skills which require less action, but more strategic planning. Regardless of how you prefer to adventure in Black Desert, with 4K Ultra HD support on Xbox One X, you can admire your surroundings in stunning detail.

We hope to see many of you in the world of Black Desert when the game officially launches on March 4. Black Desert pre-order packages are now available for purchase through the Microsoft Store, which offer early access to the game beginning on March 1 through March 3.

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