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Being part of the Raspberry Pi community

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However, as I write this, the future of a certain bird-themed social media service seems a little uneasy. While many refer to it as ‘The Hellsite’ (for very valid reasons) in my personal life, and professional life, I’ve had a lot of fun with it and made many great connections. I love starting Monday (or Tuesday, if there is a bank holiday) asking what you’re making and seeing all the cool stuff fill up The MagPi’s mentions. It’s hard to dislike Mondays like that.

It’s everywhere

That place is not the only one that’s full of Raspberry Pi or maker folks. The forums at Raspberry Pi are full of great people working out some of the cooler intricacies of Raspberry Pi, Pico, or even Raspberry Pi OS. Many a search to fix a project has landed me on the forum, with a solution right there, or a fantastic hint that gets me to one.

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While unofficial, the subreddit for Raspberry Pi is always cool to look over. I’ve had many ideas for projects from there, and even got several people in the mag because they’ve posted to the subreddit. It’s always fun to notice trends in projects as well, and of course see someone else making yet another interesting handheld retro gaming console in a new way I’d never considered.

Ashley, from the social team at Raspberry Pi, also tells me that LinkedIn is great, however I try to avoid it for a very personal reason: I hate it. If you don’t hate it though, go give Raspberry Pi a follow there, and also on Facebook. We’re also on Facebook too!

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Where next?

Hopefully by the time you read this, the fears over the bird app will have all (thankfully) come to nothing and service will resume as normal. In case it doesn’t though, Raspberry Pi has launched its own Mastodon server at, and we at The MagPi will likely follow suit. Otherwise, Raspberry Pi is also exploring braver, younger frontiers with videos on TikTok.

Of course, the magazine will still be published, and I’m sure we’ll find you all again, wherever we end up.

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