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Battlefield 4 commander mode app now out on iOS
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If you are tired of playing Battlefield 4 as a soldier who looks like like a bullet magnet, then you may want to try playing war in the backline as a commander with enough power to send your men to a certain death (or not). This game mode is already present in the game but on consoles, without a mouse and keyboard is a bit hard to play, for this reason, EA has just launched the Commander mode App for iOS tablets.

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Jump into the heart of the action with BATTLEFIELD 4™ Commander – the exclusive companion app to your BATTLEFIELD 4™ experience. Deliver critical intelligence, deploy war assets, and manage squad-based team play all from the palm of your hand!

Take point and lead your team to victory wherever you are. Play on any platform server on which you own Battlefield 4™. Join games straight from the app, or through Battlelog.

You’ll have to rely on your teammates for success. Talk to your squad directly with full VOIP (on supported platforms).

Call in powerful UAVs to scan the area for enemy activity, or jam their radar using EMP. The intel you gather is crucial to ensure the victory of your team.

Send vehicles and supplies to squads on the ground and give them an edge over the enemy. The better your team works together, the better they’ll become.

Turn the tide of battle with devastating cruise missile attacks. Call in powerful gunships to circle strategic locations and help repel enemy forces.

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