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Back to School VR sale! Join the Education Evolution

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Whether you’re a parent sending a child back to school, a student yourself or just someone who never lost the love of learning, we want to evolve your education in VR! You can save up to 90% on selected titles in our Back to School Sale, on now.

Back to school - Overview

An incredible, awe-inspiring experience that is a consistent favorite of Viveport Subscription members, OVERVIEW is a journey through our universe that will take your breath away. We like it so much we’re offering it for FREE, right now, to any existing Viveport Subscription members – and anyone who signs up for a free trial (or pre-paid plan!) between now and the end of the sale.

Why try Viveport Subscription? For anyone interested in VR education, it’s a great value way to get access to hundreds of VR experiences for one monthly price (which gets even cheaper if you pre-pay!). Every month you pick up to 5 titles to experience, then use them as much as you want. You can keep playing the same titles over and over if you like, or switch it up every month to mix and match old favorites and new experiences. We’re adding more titles all the time, so your selection just keeps on growing.

As a Viveport Subscription member, to add OVERVIEW to your Library, just visit the product page and click ‘Free’ to add it. If you enjoy OVERVIEW, don’t forget to leave a review!

Back to School VR sale

To make finding the perfect educational VR experience a little easier, we’ve broken down our educational offerings into easy to browse categories. This should cover the whole educational spectrum – and includes a wide selection of free titles. Not everything is on sale, but we recommend everything you’ll see. It’s all been hand-picked to represent some of the best titles available in VR.

Back to school VR sale

Here’s just some of what’s on offer:

Travel around the globe and visit Tokyo without leaving your VR headset. Parachute down to pierce the rainforest’s canopy. Dive beneath the waves to swim with sharks. Or go nose-to-nose with dinosaurs.

Whether it’s in music, animation or art, there are amazing ways to bring creativity to life in VR.

With interest in space exploration on the increase, and the possibility of a mission to Mars inside your children’s lifetimes… isn’t it a good idea to get them prepared for that in VR? Don’t forget to go back and look at the origins of the modern space program, too.

VR can be a formidable time machine, transporting you to times and places you’d never be able to see. From seeing Pearl Harbor through the eyes of someone who was there, or visiting incredible virtual museums, you can bring history and art to life in VR in a spectacular way.

Back to School

Of course, you can’t be at school and be learning all the time – that’s one of the reason ‘recess’ and ‘physical education’ exist. Which is why we’ve also got some great physical VR experiences on sale too, allowing you to play table tennis, box and kick the old soccer ball around in VR.

Who needs a interior design or shop class when you can virtually design just about anything you want? Craft precision 3D content to print or use in other apps, or create fully interactive versions of your dream home with these intuitive VR design experiences.

Are you ready to evolve your education? Class is in session!

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