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Awesome Vertical Playstation 5 Concept That Could Actually Work

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Next generation talk continues to be a hot topic with even publishers themselves discussing what’s next on the gaming horizon. With both the PlayStation 5 and the codenamed Xbox Scarlet looming closer and closer, Yonghwan Kim, a designer from Seoul decided to put their own creative input into the mix with a visually stunning render of what they’d like to see the next PlayStation platform look like.

Kim created these concept images that look amazing! Sony should take notes. If you like to see more of Yonghwan’s work, check his Behance profile.

Yonghwan Kim designed a PlayStation Move controller concept that looks like it could be an actual official product from Sony. The designer came out with the design for the reason that Sony hasn’t designed a controller with the intent of being VR friendly. PlayStation Move controller was designed first for their motion games back in the PS3 generation. The control layout for those games made more sense but seems to be a bit awkward with VR.

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