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Autodesk Wants To Let You Build Circuit Boards Faster and Easier

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Autodesk’s lets users 3D model their own PCB parts libraries.

Creating your own part libraries for printed circuit board (PCB) designs may no longer be such a hassle. Thanks to Autodesk, the addition of PCB components is now a little easier.

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The company recently launched, which allows 3D print and PCB developers to create component outlines for Autodesk Eagle and 3D models. These can then be used with Fusion360, which is Autodesk’s 3D CAD and CAM design software.

Previously, PCB developers had to use random part libraries or cumbersomely create their own. Until now, it was quite common to inspect datasheets and arrange pads in the right size onto a grid.

3D modeling has made it much easier to help develop component libraries.

Indeed, most parts already follow PCB standard including QFP, TO-, DFN, or SOT23. Based on these, developers can 3D model their own parts in Eagle.

Two versions of the tool exist. The first one is in the form of a web-based app, which lets users develop packages and outlines parametrically in a browser. The designs can then be exported as libraries.

The second version of the feature comes integrated with Eagle. Users can develop the components parametrically within Eagle.

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Parametric Parts Creation Simplified

Thanks to the new technology, creating parametric footprints couldn’t be easier.

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Autodesk also added a new tool to Eagle that abolishes pins for symbols. Instead, users simply get to cut and paste their pin lists from a dataset.

To make usage even smoother, footprints created in can be downloaded for offline use.

Additionally, the Eagle dashboard is now implemented as part of KiCad, the free software suite for electronic design automation. This should make it even easier for cross-platform users to enjoy all their favorite tools under one hood.


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