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Australian Company is Constructing 3D Printed Homes From Hemp

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Australian hemp company Mirreco is developing a 3D printing process that utilizes hemp biomass as a material to manufacture building panels for houses. 

With the cannabis legalization movement spreading rapidly throughout many parts of the world, even the 3D printing industry has found ways to make use of this controversial plant. For instance, we’ve seen a handful of specialty hemp-based filaments that are both sustainable and fun to print with.

While hemp can be used for a wide range of applications–from clothing to food–the Australian company Mirreco is taking hemp to new heights. The Perth-based company is working on a process that would use hemp biomass to construct habitable residential homes. Having already developed a machine to process this multi-faceted plant material, removing the most useful components like fibers and seeds, the next step is to integrate additive manufacturing into the mix

By combining this hemp processing technique with 3D printing technology, this plant-based material will soon be used to manufacture building panels for homes. Mirreco is collaborating with the Australian architecture firm Arcforms to showcase the potential of hemp biomass in the construction sector.

Hemp-Based 3D Printed Houses are Coming to the Land Down Under

Aside from the cultural novelty of using hemp, this plant material also offers unique properties. In a recently released statement, Compared to traditional building materials, Mirreco claims that the 3D printed hemp-based panels are  “structurally sound, easy to produce, and provide superior thermal performance.”

“The floors, walls and roof will all be made using hemp biomass, and the windows will incorporate cutting-edge technology that allows light to pass through glass where it is converted into electricity,” the company states.

The hemp biomass material can be used to produce panels for residential and commercial buildings, and can be 3D printed into floors, walls and roofs. Arcforms will be designing the sustainable hemp homes, and have already sketched up the concept.

Mirreco has an overarching mission to curb the imminent consequences of global warming, and these carbon-neutral hemp panels fit into that vision. Hemp plants are capable of absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide, which makes it an environmentally-friendly building material.

These hemp-based homes are certainly not the first example of 3D printing technology being used to build habitable structures. In fact, there are a number of 3D printed homes and other construction projects that have sprouted up across the world. However, Mirreco’s use of hemp plant biomass presents an evergreen path towards buildings that are incredibly sustainable and highly efficient.

Source: The New Daily

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