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Artists Reimagine Non-Human Cartoon Characters As Humans, And The Results Are Absolutely Awesome

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The beauty of cartoons is that the characters can be whatever the cartoonist wants them to be. Animals are a favourite, but there are also robots, cars, food, even sponges. The possibilities are endless! But what happens if we want to give our favourite non-human characters a human face?

Compiled in a list by Bored Panda, we have found some of our most beloved cartoon buddies re-imagined as people. There is something quite wonderful about them, as you see these well-known characters through different eyes, and get a more relatable view of their unique personalities. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and don’t forget to upvote your faves!

lola bunny

Image credits: sakimichan

Bugs bunny

Image credits: sakimichan

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