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Arduino has guest-edited a special edition of Elektor Magazine — and we’re giving away the digital copy for only €1 for a limited time

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Celebrating the very unique Elektor Magazine guest-edited by Arduino

You can rely on Elektor for solutions and insights to all your electronics challenges. Elektor breaks the constraints of a magazine. It’s a community of active e-engineers — from novices to professionals — eager to learn, make, design and earn surprising electronics. Every edition of Elektor Magazine is loaded with up-to-date news and views, real-world lab tests and high-quality DIY construction projects.

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For serious Arduino Lovers and those who are eager to learn more about it

“In this issue you will find interviews with members of the Arduino community, special projects we — at Arduino — do in our spare time, and real-life examples of how the Arduino community is helping make the connected world a better place. This is just a tiny portion of everything that has happened since Arduino started in Ivrea in 2005. We hope you will like the stories and projects we hand-picked for you. And remember: sharing is caring!” — David Cuartielles

What can you expect from this super-thick, special edition of Elektor Magazine?


  • MicroPython Enters the World of Arduino
  • Connected Projects, Simplified: Dive Into the Arduino Cloud
  • Introduction to TinyML: Big Is Not Always Better
  • Writing Arduino Sketches Just Got Better: The Arduino IDE 2.0
  • Getting Started with the Portenta X8: Manage Software Securely with Containers
  • Build, Deploy, and Maintain Scalable, Secure Applications: With Arduino Portenta X8 Featuring NXP’s i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processor and EdgeLock SE050 Secure Element
  • Go Professional with Arduino Pro
  • Smart Ovens Take a Leap Into the Future
  • Tagvance Builds Safer Construction Sites with Arduino
  • Santagostino Breathes Easy: With Remote Monitoring That Leverages AI for Predictive Maintenance
  • Security Flies High with RIoT Secure’s MKR-Based Solution
  • Open-Source Brings a New Generation of Water: Management to the World
  • The Mozzi Arduino Library for Sound Synthesis: Insights from Tim Barrass
  • The New Portenta X8 (with Linux!) and Max Carrier Redefine What’s Possible
  • How Using Arduino Helps Students Build Future Skills
  • Must-Haves for Your Electronics Workspace
  • The Importance of Robotics in Education
  • Dependable IoT Based Upon LoRa
  • Art with Arduino: Inspiring Insights from Artists and Designers


  • Arduino Portenta Machine Control and Arduino Portenta H7: A CAN-to-MQTT Gateway Demo Project
  • How I Automated My Home: Arduino CEO Fabio Violante Shares Solutions
  • Altair 8800 Simulator: Hardware Simulation of a Vintage Computer
  • MS-DOS on the Portenta H7: Run Old-School Software on Contemporary Hardware
  • Grow It Yourself: A Digitally Controlled, Single-Box Solution for Indoor Farming
  • Save the Planet With Home Automation? MQTT on the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect
  • Senso: Detect Deforestation with Sound Analysis
  • 8-Bit Gaming with Arduboy
  • Reducing Water Usage at Horseback Riding Tracks: An IoT Solution to Constantly Monitor Soil Humidity and Temperature Levels
  • The Panettone Project: A Sourdough Starter Management and Maintenance System
  • Space Invaders with Arduino

The 140-page magazine is available to download from Elektor — simply click here and add the code ARDUINOGIFT to get your copy at the special price of €1.

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