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The Bureau of copyright, the US made revolutionary changes in the copyright Law in the digital age (DMCA). Previously, the DMCA prohibits users to make modifications to the operating system, which is operated by electronic devices and can repair them, it could be fined and even jailed.

Founder of iFixit Kyle Vince explained that authorize amendments to the law:

  • To hack and modify the device with built-in voice assistants (including smart speakers Google, Apple and Amazon)
  • To remove with new and used smartphones carrier binding
  • Repairing smartphones, devices, smart home and appliances
  • To make changes to and create own software for cars, tractors and other motorized equipment
  • Order repair of electronic devices and equipment from third-party organizations

The DMCA still prohibits US citizens to hack, modify or repair game consoles.

Restrictions in the case of this category of devices is so serious that even the user can not replace the Xbox or PlayStation broken optical drive or hard drive – for this purpose it is necessary to contact an authorized service center.

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