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Amazon Casts Arnold Schwarzenegger As A Totally Believable Cowboy In Western TV Show

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Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cowboy? Sure, why not? Amazon is developing a new western series called Outrider, with the Terminator star set to executive produce and lead the cast.

According to Deadline, Outrider is set in the late 1800s in Oklahoma Indian Territory. It follows a deputy that is partnered with a Federal Marshal to track a legendary outlaw in the woods. The Marshal will be played by Schwarzenegger. That might sound strange, given Schwarzenegger’s thick accent, but Amazon has a solution.

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In the story, the Marshal immigrated to the United States as a child. That’s an easy way for the series to sidestep what would otherwise be very noticeable from the beginning. If only most of Schwarzenegger’s movies had come up with such simple solutions.

Outrider will be co-written and executive produced by Trey Callaway and Mark Montgomery. It marks the first major scripted role for Schwarzenegger, whose previous TV experience includes one season as host of Celebrity Apprentice.

The series joins other upcoming Amazon shows, including Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and the previously announced series based on Lord of the Rings. Outrider has no announced premiere date.

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