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Alleged iPad 5 rear shell surfaces

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And the rumor windmill spins again! New leaks have reported what it could be the rear shell of the new Apple iPad 5 and taking into account that the last rumors about Apple products are all eventually being a reality, this shouldn’t be different…

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An array of new photos featuring alleged rear shells of the next-generation iPad in „Space Gray“ and silver have been posted by Australian writer Sonny Dickson. The photos, which also depict some of the internals of the iPad, come two weeks after Apple debuted a new space gray color to replace the slate black used on both the iPhone 5 and iPod lines.

The new photos also emerge just under a week after a purported second-generation iPad mini shell was spotted in the same space gray color. A day before that, a somewhat sketchy report from C Technology claimed that both the full-sized iPad and iPad mini would be available in the same three colors seen on the iPhone 5s. While space gray and silver have been seen, a gold rear shell has yet to appear.

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