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All That, and a 12-story Drop — Watch Red Bull Crashed Ice on Red Bull’s New 24/7 Channel

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Watch Red Bull Crashed Ice on Red Bull’s New 24/7 Channel

Those of you who can’t even lace up a pair of ice skates, prepare to be awed. Those of you that can, prepare for your jaw to drop all the same. The breathtaking action of Red Bull Crashed Ice will be airing live from Saint Paul, MN on Red Bull’s 24/7 Twitch channel this Saturday at 6 PM PT.

Red Bull’s new AlwaysOn channel kicks off with Red Bull Crashed Ice — a yearly competition that pits some of the best, and toughest skaters in the world against a massive ice track with hairpin turns at 50 mph speeds, obstacles, and a massive 12-story drop. Points are up for grabs, as is the adoration of a crowd as large as 120,000 in this first stop on the way to becoming Crashed Ice World Champion. Whether you’re freezing your butt off outside, or keeping warm at home, you can watch Red Bull Crashed Ice anywhere, alongside other thrillseekers in Twitch chat.

Enter the World of Red Bull 24/7

Once the ice has been crashed, you can still enter the world of Red Bull 24/7 on Twitch. From live concerts to top tier athletes, and global adventures, Red Bull’s new Twitch channel is the place to get a taste of TV Beyond the Ordinary. Watch Red Bull Crashed Ice live, this Saturday at 6 PM PT, and tune in anytime for cutting edge excitement at

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