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All Details about Sphero STAR-WARS BB8 Droid – How to Reset your Droid you always wanted!

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So after a Week with our Droid, we got some fresh news for all of you that got their hands on your own version.

Here are some Links from the Official Sphero Support Page including the Manual as a PDF Download!

How Do I Charge BB-8?

Simply place BB-8 into the charger with its heavy side down and watch for the lights on the charger to indicate connection with the Droid.

How Do I Reset BB-8?

To reset BB-8, place the Droid in the charging dock and press the reset button on the charger. You can also go to Settings within the app, tap the upper right arrow and tap reset.

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Download BB-8 PDF Manual!

Download here – English Manual 

Download here – German Manual

Our Review Videos from our BB8 in Action:



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