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Adventure through the world’s most diverse ecosystem in Amazon Odyssey

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Experience the wonder and scale of the Amazon with VR

Spanning twice the size of India, the Amazon River Basin is the single largest tropical rainforest in the world. Ten percent of the world’s known species call this lush ecosystem home, resulting in a diverse community of flora and fauna unlike any other. Now you can and explore this amazing ecosystem right from your home with the launch of Amazon Odyssey for Vive.

Vive Studios and developer Heavy Iron Studios have brought the adventure of the rainforest to VR with the launch of Amazon Odyssey. This new experience on Viveport and Steam, takes you on an interactive and informational eco-tour of the world’s most famous jungle river.

In Amazon Odyssey, you’ll explore four interactive environments while engaging in activities such as paragliding above the tree-tops, navigating a boat down the river and capturing local wildlife on film. By completing tasks throughout the experience, an encyclopedia is filled with interesting and educational facts on the incredible species you encounter. Amazon Odyssey gets you up close to experience and appreciate the biodiversity of one of natures’ most powerful ecosystems.

Amazon Odyssey is available now for Vive on Viveport and Steam for $9.99.

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