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A smart investment

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I’m here to tell you that now is the perfect time. As long as you have some time.

When we’re out enjoying the parks and beaches and pub gardens, who will be left at home to feed the cat? Who will water your plants? Who will brew your artisanal latte? Certainly not the cat. So why not invest your time now so that you can have a bit more time when it really matters? Go find your copy of issue 104 of The MagPi, and have a look through the feature for some ideas and inspiration.

- Werbung -
- Werbung -

Wasted time

As the saying goes, ‘the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time’. And sometimes taking the extra time to set up a system to do a job feels like you’re spending as much time as you might be saving. This is where we like to come in with fun ways to make with Raspberry Pi, and great stories to inspire you to dream big and maybe do something a bit different.

Maybe this is your excuse to get plants that need watering. Or to get into really nice coffee. Definitely not a cat, though: they’re no fun. You might discover a fun new hobby, a new way to code, or at the very least, you might have a fun story to tell later on.

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Nothing is forever

I have been there with the whole investing time for the future thing when it comes to making, so I do have some advice: build in some redundancies, make backups, write notes, and basically make sure that if something inevitably breaks, you can fix it. Of course, this may take more time, but it will save time in the future. Hopefully this won’t happen while you’re off enjoying your summer, though. Might overfeed the cat.

So go forth. Invest your time, have some fun, and then enjoy the sweet, sweet fruits of your labours.

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