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A recap of TwitchCon Developer Day 2017, video and slides now available

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We hosted our first ever Developer Day at TwitchCon on October 19. The event was dedicated to helping game creators and stream-tool developers build their businesses in one of the largest and most engaged communities in the world.

Developers, your support was incredible. If you attended the event or watched the keynote online, thank you! And if you couldn’t make it (or if you need a refresher), that’s cool. We’ve got your back too. Today we’re recapping Developer Day, including the keynote and dozens of slides and videos covering Extensions, Drops, and more.

Let’s jump in.

The day featured three tracks of sessions — Games on Twitch, Building Streamer Tools, and Technical — that included speakers from Twitch, Lumberyard, and AWS, as well as Twitch streamers themselves.

We covered a wide variety of topics including Extensions, exciting new feature updates to our API, and how the best games on Twitch gained their popularity among streamers and viewers. Because of developers like yourself, the greater Twitch community will be able to engage in innovative streaming experiences.

The day kicked off with a keynote from Twitch’s CEO, Emmett Shear; VP Twitch Commerce and Developer Success, Ethan Evans; and VP Developer Platform, Kathy Astromoff, reiterating our commitment to make it easier for you — our developer community — to continue building the games and tools our streamers love. We also announced our plans to help developers generate revenue through digital item sales within Extensions, an AWS credit program to support Extensions developers, and updates to Extensions, the new Twitch API, and Drops.

Below you’ll find slides and videos for specific panels within all three tracks.

Games on Twitch Track

Slides | Video — Exploring the Intersection of Viewing and Playing
Slides | Video — What Great Twitch Integrations Look Like
Slides | Video — Why Game Developers Care About Twitch
Slides | Video — Building a Community on Twitch While Building Your Game
Slides | Video — Using Twitch to Differentiate Your Game with Streamers
Slides | Video — Use Twitch Commerce and Twitch Prime to Fuel Your Community
Slides | Video — Mods and UGC in Games

Building Stream Tools Track

Slides | Video — The Future of the Developer Ecosystem on Twitch 
Slides | Video — Best Practices for Building Extensions 
Slides | Video — Building a Business on Twitch Extensions
Slides | Video — Using Twitch Data to Improve Your Solution
Slides | Video — How to Benefit from Building Extensions on AWS
Slides | Video — Building Apps that Streamers Want 
Slides | Video — You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Technical Track

Slides | Video — Engaging Twitch Streamers, Viewers, and Players with Metastream
Slides | Video — Under the Hood of the New Twitch API
Slides | Video — Getting Hooked on Twitch’s Webhooks
Slides | Video — Extensions 101: Building Interactive Experiences
Slides | Video — Enable Drops to Increase Your Game’s Engagement
Slides | Video — Diving into Twitch Commerce to sell your game and item
Slides | Video — Twitch Extensions with Deep Game Integrations

We want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Developer Day at TwitchCon! If you are not a member of our developer community, take a few minutes to follow the Channel Page, follow @TwitchDev on Twitter, join the forums, and join the TwitchDev chat server.

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