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A Guide on How to Get the Best out of Dark Quest 3

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Welcome to Dark Quest 3, launching on Xbox today! Let’s jump in to some game play tips!

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Your First Run

Your starting heroes in Dark Quest 3 are the barbarian, dwarf, archer, and wizard. How you allocate your hero upgrades has a huge impact on how far you will get with each run. You should start by putting a point to one of the dwarf’s barrels. This a secondary action which means you can still perform an attack action after that.

The barrels will attract attention and monsters will attack them.  All monsters have a preferred target (closest, lowest health, highest health, those in a line). The barrel must still obey these rules.

The barbarian throwing axe is essentially a free ranged attack. Make sure you put a point there soon after.

Next is the Archer with his surprise attack. The archer will shoot a random enemy when a battle starts. This attack benefits from all equipment and modifiers.

Finally, you will need some AOE, the wizard lighting storm is one of the strongest cards in the game and will kill multiple enemies when it reaches high levels, particularly if you have some rings of power equipped.

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General Strategies

  • Do not waste your re-roll on meaningless events. If a hero becomes poisoned, or suffers 1 damage simply accept it. Instead save re-rolls for higher impact events such as losing a hero for a few turns or high damage.
  • Always play your secondary actions first in battle to gain an advantage.
  • If you waste your re-rolls it’s only a matter of time before a dice roll will kill you.
  • Make sure your heroes don’t have low health, you can’t control 100% what will happen in battle or during the cards. If a hero has 1-3 health then you should expect death around the corner! Use your healing potion when heroes drop health to critical levels, otherwise save its charges.
  • Unlocking new heroes is crucial. Many of the locked heroes are overpowered and can easily lead you to glory.
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Barbarian: A good all-around hero that can take some damage and also deal a lot of damage.

Dwarf: The best hero to keep enemies busy with barrels and keep your party out of harm’s way.

Archer: This is a heavy damage hero, perhaps the hero who can deal the highest damage on a single attack. Also has an underrated evasion card which allows you to dodge an incoming attack completely.

Wizard: Strong AOE and utility cards. Lighting storm will kill many enemies at once and so will tornado if you can line the enemies up. Do not underestimate the wizard’s default attack in conjunction with his invisibility card. His magic resistance will be very useful towards the end game.

Lancer: The first hero who can summon a “pet”. The extra character is always summoned at start of battle making that character a good meat-shield. The spear can damage two enemies in a line and together with break armor you can wreak havoc when many enemies are lined up.

Prince:  This hero allows you to command an ally or enemy to attack another enemy. One of the most powerful and versatile cards. Having ranged allies around the prince will easily give them attack damage bonus without having to get the in front lines.

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Savager: This hero is capable of wiping out the entire board with a single action. Allocate many points to bloodthirsty, which makes the Savager auto attack when she kills a monster.

Lady: A powerful defensive hero. She is the only one who can heal the party with a passive card. Her divine shield blocks all forms of damage.

Druid: This character can summon two “pets”. A large bear that attacks multiple enemies and a smaller fox that deals high damage to a single target. If your party needs additional defenses, you can also transform to a large tree to soak up damage while your other heroes deal the final blows.

Dwarf King: This hero also has a “pet” to help soak up some damage. In addition to that he has a passive card that calls for an ally to attack, when he gets damaged from enemies.

Knight: Just like the archer the knight can attack the lowest health enemy at start of battle automatically with Charge. If the enemy survives his Follow Me card will call for an ally to also make an attack on this target. A very powerful hero indeed.

Fire Mage: Devastating magic damage cards and a pet that can be summoned anywhere on the battlefield.

Closing Notes

A good party must have high damage dealers, ways to soak up damage without getting hurt and some form of AOE for battle with many enemies. Choose your party carefully and bring your lucky dice as you venture forth to face the sorcerer and his magic.

Good Luck my students!


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