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8 Photos of the Real American Horror Story Freak Show Actors!

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 Prove The Circus Was Actually The CREEPIEST Show On Earth


1. Lobster Boy:

A performer with ectrodactyly, a hand deformity that makes his hands look like lobster claws.


2. The Twins:

Pip and Flip, twins who have microcephaly, which makes their heads disproportionately smaller than their bodies.


3. Birdman (actually a Girl):

Minnie Woolsey a.k.a Koo Koo the Bird Girl


4. The Legless Women (actually a Men):

A legless acrobat and his family.


5. Strong Men:

John Jennings a.k.a The Modern Samson


6. Two Headed Girl (actually a Men , again..):

A two-headed man.


7. Madam Petit , smallest Women on Earth:

Lucia Zarate, the smallest woman in the world, weighed only 4 pounds at 18 years old.


8. Annie Jones a.k.a The Bearded Woman: 


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