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5 Tips to Start Your Adventure in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably about to step into the shoes of a legendary hero and experience the iconic story of Dragon Ball Z in the all-new action RPG, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot!

Goku’s adventures are
known and loved by many, but for some it could very well be a first-time dive
into this timeless saga. Fear not, Saiyans, for we have the tips to get you
started on this journey of a lifetime in the world of Dragon Ball Z!

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

In Dragon Ball Z:
, players train to grow strong and battle a long list of mighty
foes, but they also get to experience all the memorable scenes that made the
franchise so popular – from the arrival of the Saiyans on Earth to the fight
against Buu. The game has something to offer for connoisseurs and neophytes
alike: diehard fans will appreciate the inclusion of more obscure moments as
well as original side stories told through unique sub-quests. Novices will
unfold the story at their own pace and get to know all the characters by
playing them, fighting alongside them or meeting them in the various quests.

Now that you know what’s
in store, let’s start your training go through some useful tips before
getting started:

Eat to Power Up

When Goku isn’t training
or fighting, he’s most likely eating! This is a simple way for you to boost
your character’s stats – temporarily or permanently! Be sure to go fishing,
hunting, or even apple-picking to gather as many ingredients as you can. You can
eat fruits on the go, cook meat at campfires, ask a cook in a village to
prepare something for you or, better yet, go home and let Chichi create a
full-course meal. The last two options will provide the highest stat boosts!

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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Grow Your Community

“True power comes from being part of a community. Seek out others like
you and form a real connection!” Wise words that you should live by in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot!

By completing side
quests, special training, or simply by progressing through the main story, you
will acquire Soul Emblems of the Dragon Ball characters. Place them strategically
on the Community Boards to activate skill bonuses. Hint: The Cooking board might
not be Vegeta’s best placement.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

There are 7 Community
Boards: Z Warrior, Training, Gods, Adventure, Cooking, Development and Adult.
Some are self-explanatory, but for example placing Soul Emblems in the Z
Warrior Community Board will unlock bonuses such as attack or support gauge
upgrades. Soul Emblems have two different parameters: Friendship and
Proficiency. Giving them gifts will increase both, which will then give you
access to rare items!

Long story short, take
any opportunity to train or form new bonds!

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Train Like a Saiyan

In Dragon Ball Z:
, training is crucial to get stronger and overcome new challenges. Collecting
D Medals all over the world will give you access to different training options.
Once you have enough, you’ll be able to start mental training against other Z
Warriors, or even yourself! Pro tip: search for Ki to locate the medals faster.

Clearing training will
unlock new super attacks or power up existing ones. Exactly what you need to face
off against the many enemies you’ll encounter!

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Stack the Odds in Your Favor

In Dragon Ball Z, the
fights aren’t always fair, and it will be no different in the game! Your
adversaries will often start at a higher power level than you, which only means
you must be smarter.

Just like in the anime,
you’ll have all the room you need to knock enemies far into the distance. When an
enemy’s stun gauge is depleted, be sure to attack them to deal extra damage.
When you’re the one taking damage, don’t forget to guard and dodge.
Successfully dodging an attack will cause your opponent to enter a slow-motion
state, making it the perfect chance to launch a counterattack!

You won’t always need to
fight alone – Offensive, Defensive and Special Support Characters all have
unique sets of moves and techniques to back you up.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Explore the World

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Although it’s not an open world game, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot allows you to fly around and engage in a variety of fun activities.  If you want the true Dragon Ball Z experience, make sure to explore as much as you can: collect Z Orbs, go on side quests, train with friends, speak to NPCs… you will always be rewarded with items, stat boosts and other pleasant surprises!

We’ve covered the basics,
it’s now up to you to become the Z-Warrior the universe needs! Pick up the game
on Xbox One and start living as Goku, the one they call Kakarot.

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