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5 Reasons to begin your DJ journey with TribeXR DJ School – now on Viveport and Viveport Subscription

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Ever wonder what it takes to DJ live, like Tiesto performing at Tomorrowland? Now you can, with TribeXR DJ School’s new rollout on Viveport and Viveport Subscription.

Written by Tribe XR 

TribeXR DJ School is a all-in-one DJ experience featuring a pro virtual DJ deck based off real life pro equipment, learning resources, live performance integrations, and a community of artists supporting each other on their DJ journeys. Now available on Viveport and Viveport Subscription, we aimed to change the way DJ’s learn their craft.

Here’s 5 Reasons to Try it Yourself

  1. Save money on expensive DJ gear

The types of pro DJ decks commonly found at big music festivals and clubs can cost upwards of $6000. By replicating what these decks offer in VR, you’re given access to DJ equipment at a fraction of the price.

Whether you add TribeXR DJ School to your Viveport Subscription or purchase it to keep for $19.99, you’ll save thousands of dollars while using the same equipment that pro DJs use. It’s also nice to be able to carry your DJ gear in a small backpack instead of finding space for the physical hardware.

TribeXR DJ School isn’t working to replace DJ hardware. We’re working to democratize how to learn DJing, so that the next generation of creatives can rise and thrive.

  1. Built-in resources to hit the ground running

Just as no one has ever picked up a guitar and immediately had the skill level of Jimmy Hendrix, no one is expected to stand at a DJ deck and mix like Tiesto.

From the first moment you enter the TribeXR DJ School experience, you’ll be tasked with completing some basic functions to get your feet wet with DJing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a DJ for years of if this is your first time behind a deck. This on-boarding will let you get grounded with the Vive controls and the basic functionality of the deck.

From there, take things at your own pace. Upload your own tracks and experiment with what you can do. If you want help, our learning section provides video tutorials by professional DJs ready to teach you common techniques. Still stuck? Jump into the Tribe XR Discord community and ask for help directly.

  1. We help you perform live

Immediately have the ability to perform your first live DJ gig. When you’re feeling ready, connect to your Twitch Channel from within TribeXR DJ School. From there you can:

  • Have an in-VR Twitch chat screen.
  • Let viewers send emotes to you in VR.
  • Let viewers put up visual GIFs as a background to your performance.
  • Take song requests from your audience.

It’s our goal to give our DJs the joy and experience of performing for a live audience. We’ll do whatever we can to getting you up and running while also promoting your performances to a community of music enthusiasts.

Take a look at some of the performances from the last few months with this compilation video.

  1. Join a community of music enthusiasts

One of the core inspirations for DJs is the ability to share their musical creativity with others. Knowing this, our community is at the core of what we provide. Here’s what you can expect from the Tribe XR community:

  1. Live performances from others, in VR and using physical equipment.
  2. Users sharing some of their favorite music.
  3. Seasoned DJs happy to mentor others.
  4. The Tribe XR Team directly available for support.
  5. Feature announcements and community programs.

You’re not on your own when it comes to TribeXR DJ School. The app comes with access to a growing network ready to see you progress.

Join our Discord and see for yourself.

  1. The future is bright

On the horizon, we’re working hard to get 1-on-1 live connections available that will let you do things like take live 1-on-1 lessons, back-to-back DJ with friends and build stronger connections from within our experience.

We’re grinding to push the possibilities of what can be accomplished with VR technology…and we’re just getting started!

We believe that music is one of the great joys of life. We also believe that one of life’s great tragedies is that many prodigies may never realize their potential, because they didn’t have access to the right resources at the right time.

As mixed reality evolves the internet into an immersive medium, we’re ready to see a new generation of creatives unleashed upon the world. Our mission is to provide the tools and platforms to enable this to be possible.

TribeXR DJ School is now available on Viveport and via Viveport Subscription. Start mixing today!

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