5 Amazing DIY Dark Knight Batpods You Can Actually Ride!

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In The Dark Knight, the Batpod has 20″ tires all around and is powered by a high-performance, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine – geared toward the lower end for faster acceleration and with no exhaust pipes.



It’s steered by the shoulders instead of hands, and the rider’s arms are protected by shields. The Batpod ejects out of the Tumbler’s front end, with the Tumbler’s front wheels becoming the Batpod’s front and rear wheels. Here are five amazing DIY versions of the vehicle that all function to a certain extent, with the bottom (VnExpress) being the most impressive, since it’s built from scrap parts. Tung Lam used a Suzuki FX 125 ($143), two used car tires ($39), and the entire project came out costing just $480.

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