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3DPrinterOS Partners with Microsoft to Make Adopting 3D Printing Easier

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3DPrinterOS is working with Microsoft to scale its “factory of the future” 3D printing cloud platform. The idea is to use Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service to make its own cloud platform more powerful and scalable.

3DPrinterOS, the cloud 3D printer management, and infrastructure company have now been around for five years. From its start, the company was set up to provide a cloud-based service for desktop 3D printers.

Its cloud-based service provides a way of managing fleets of 3D printers. For example, it can manage gcode, analytics, user and file management, and printer queues from a single interface. In recent times, the company has been more focused on the education and institutional market.

Now, 3DPrinterOS has announced a partnership with Microsoft. The idea is to provide a joint service for those using Azure, Microsoft’s global cloud application system, and wanting to manage groups of 3D printers securely.

Microsoft chose to work with 3DPrinterOS as its service can connect with a multitude of 3D printers. This is unlike many other solutions which are only focused around a certain product.

“We are extremely excited to collaborate with Microsoft Azure to serve our Enterprise Clients with its highly secure, hyper-scale global cloud… It was a challenge to find the right company that had the cloud infrastructure, compliance, security, and reliability around the world including countries like China and Europe,” said 3DPrinterOS CEO John Dogru.

What’s Provided in the New Bundle?

3DPrinterOS adds that they offer a single, centralized workflow. They’re targeting their joint service with Microsoft at enterprises and schools. They add: “This makes it incredibly easy for IT managers to give access to 3D printing directly through any web browser.”

The new bundle will include: a pre-approved I/T solution making it possible to manage users and 3D printers. They’ll be using the Azure cloud’ SO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC compliance.

It’ll also enable users to share machine and files with any collaborator via an intranet connection. The idea here is that it’ll be easy to maintain and deploy 3D printers with current technology stacks.

Finally, printing, managing users and seeing production in real time will be possible. It’s also easy to print on demand from any location in the company worldwide. This option will be secure and enables many engineers access via the corporate intranet.

“The cloud is transforming entire industries and creating new opportunities for even the most innovative new businesses… The market-leading scale and speed of Microsoft Azure helps spur global growth opportunities for companies like 3DPrinterOS who are utilizing cloud computing and IoT connected devices in a completely new model of decentralized manufacturing,” said Senior Director of Microsoft Azure, Nicole Herskowitz.

Hopefully for 3DPrinterOS with this change they should encourage new clients and more application development. Check out the website to find out more.

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