3DPrinterOS Cloud-Based Operating System is Integrated Into KODAK Portrait 3D Printers

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3DPrinterOS, the cloud-based 3D printer management company, announced that it will be integrated into the Kodak Portrait 3D printer ecosystem. The partnership will help provide schools and enterprises with a way to manage files, track printers and materials, and enable printing from networked computers.

3DPrinterOS, the company behind the world’s first operating system for desktop 3D printers, has the “goal of driving mass adoption of the technology in educational institutions and enterprises.” So far, the technology is already in use in some of the most prestigious universities, such as Yale and Harvard, as well as in high-profile companies such as Bosch.

Despite the impressive list of clientele, the company is showing no signs of slowing down. For instance, it recently announced a partnership with Microsoft, a deal that helped make its cloud platform more powerful and scalable by using Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service.

Now, 3DPrinterOS has revealed that it’ll also be powering the Kodak Portrait 3D printer from Smart International, which was announced last year. If you purchase the 3D printer, you’ll also receive the 3DPrinterOS Cloud 3D Printer Management software as a complementary part of the package.

The idea behind this integration is to reach high-profile companies with the cloud-based management technology. With backing from Vulcan Capital, the private equity firm, it’s likely that they’ll have a pretty good shot at achieving this.

“We are extremely proud to integrate our software with the launch of this new professional KODAK 3D Portrait Printer,” said John Dogru, 3DPrinterOS CEO. “This is a big step towards mass adoption and compatibility. Very similar to the success DOS and IBM experienced with the PC in the 80’s, 3DPrinterOS believes in the same vision to combine our expertise in software, chemistry, and manufacturing to build a class leading product.”

3DPrinterOS Enables Ability to Track Printing Statistics on the Kodak Portrait 3D Printer

The Kodak Portrait is a professional-grade 3D printer that will cost in the ballpark of $2,999. It offers a generous print volume of 200x200x250mm (8’’x8’’x10’’). However, despite this and its robust steel forged hardware, it’s still compact enough to fit on a desk and be transportable.

The Kodak also boasts dual extrusion capabilities with lifting nozzles, a nozzle-wiping mechanism to avoid color contamination, a safety-enclosed temperature controlled chamber and temperature support of up to 300°C.

By integrating 3DPrinterOS in the 3D printing ecosystem, businesses or schools will have access to a centralized system which makes managing files, tracking printers, material expenses, users or designs and printing from any networked computer easy. If the institution already has 3D printers, they’ll also be able to network these machines through the software as well.

Finally, 3DPrinterOS also adds that tracking printing statistics becomes simple on a per user or design and machine basis giving insight into print failures leading to better performance.


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