3Doodler Debuts Educational Kits for Schools

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Developed with and for teachers, 3Doodler has unveiled learning packs for the classroom. Included in the packs are 12 3Doodler 3D pens, 1,200 strands of filament and lesson plans, which the  company claims can improve concentration among students.

3Doodler, the company behind what is though to be the world’s first 3D printing pen, is releasing a new educational product line for classrooms. The company has worked with teachers to develop tools and lesson plans enhanced by its 3D printing pen.

Available in two versions — 3Doodler Create+ EDU Learning and 3Doodler Start EDU Learning — the new products will be available through the company’s website and major retailers.

Both of the packs feature 12 3Doodler (Create+ or Start, depending on the pack) pens, 1,200 strands of filament and accessories for maintaining the pens. That, and the requisite curriculum materials to make the most of the 3D pens, providing a fun and tactile entry point to STEM  subjects. Smaller sample packs are also available.

The key difference between the two packs lies in the pens included. 3Doodler’s Start pen features is the more child-friendly of the two, with no hot parts (the company recommends the Start pack for ages 6 – 13). Meanwhile the Create+ pen, while still child-safe and recommended for ages 14 and up, does heat up.

These products represent 3Doodler’s continued commitment to inspire students pursuing STEM interests and passions,” said Leah Wyman, 3Doodler’s Head of EDU. “We pride ourselves on creating accessible 3D products and making it fun to learn in the classroom.

Can 3D Printing Pens Really Improve Concentration Among Kids?

3Doodler believes that children will hugely benefit from the kits. Already they’ve made it into schools with products reaching some 5,000 classrooms and into the hands of more than 300,000 students.

The company claims that through numerous case studies, they’ve found that the kits stimulate kinesthetic and visual learners. Better yet, they also improve concentration among the students, including those with ADHD. Indeed there appears to be some backing for the company’s claims, with Kokoa — a European agency that evaluates educational technology — recommending the company’s new EDU packs.

3Doodler add that the kits help diversify teaching methods meaning students are more incentivized. With such huge promises from 3Doodler, it’ll be interesting to see whether teachers do feel these benefits.

The learning packs are available from the likes of Amazon and Best Buy, plus the company’s official website. Prices will range from $347 to $1,199.

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