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3D Systems Launches On Demand Anatomical Modeling Service

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3D Systems has announced a new service called the On Demand Anatomical Modeling Service, which will enable medical professionals to upload and 3D print digital files through the company. The idea is to make 3D printing models more accessible for the entire healthcare community.

This new service from industry veteran 3D Systems aims to help the entire medical community from students to surgeons. They’re calling it the On Demand Anatomical Modeling Service.

Medical professionals in need of a physical model to aid them in pre-surgery planning and diagnoses can now send 3D models derived from scan data to 3D Systems, which will 3D print accurate anatomical models.

For more than 25 years, 3D Systems has assisted medical professionals through the combination of our anatomical modeling experience and our 3D printing expertise… The healthcare industry is seeing the benefits provided through 3D printed anatomical models, and we are dedicated to continuing to expand our healthcare offerings to meet market needs. With the launch of our new On Demand Anatomical Modeling Service, we are making 3D printed models easier and more accessible to a broader range of the healthcare community,” said Katie Weimer, vice president, medical devices, 3D Systems.

3D Systems

3D Systems

3D Print an Anatomical Model in a Few Simple Steps

To 3D print an anatomical model, you need to first upload a 3D model file (whether it’s STL, OBJ or PLY) to 3D Systems’ On Demand Anatomical Models site.

Creating such models from scan data is possible using commercially available software or 3D Systems’ D2P™ software. D2P (short for Dicom to Print) is an “end-to-end solution for 3D digital model creation“.

The company ensures that there is a “seamless connection” between the Anatomical Models site and the D2P software. So, when preparing your model, it’s possible to choose from a range of materials and areas to highlight within the model too. The company adds that the model should be on your doorstep within the next five business days.

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3D Systems
3D Systems

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