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3D Printed 95 m² Yhnova House in Nantes is Now Habitable

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At Nantes Design Week 2017, a house was 3D printed in a matter of days. The five-room project called Yhnova House is a social housing project. By June this year, residents will move in according to the usual criteria.

Last year, a 3D printing housing project began in Nantes, France. The Yhnova House is a 3D printed home which was built using a patented 3D printing method called BatiPrint3D.

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This process was developed by researchers from the University of Nantes. The home was realized as part of the Nantes Design Week 2017. Its final form is impressive, with curved walls and corners.

Last week an “inauguration” happened and the Yhnova house is now ready for life. It will be open to the public until June and, after this month, it’ll be ready to be lived in by a family.

The project is unique in France making it a very special home to live in. However, the five-room home will be made available to a family as per the normal social housing process.

But, those who move in will want for nothing as the 95 m² design is modern and comfortable. The house also has the equipment to analyze certain aspects such as air quality which will help tenants save on energy bills.

Yhnova House is Ready for Life

BatiPrint3D works by using a robotic arm which is guided by a laser. This then deposits liquid materials which quickly harden when exposed to the air. It has an appearance very similar to silly string.

The researchers explain that 3D printing has taught them key lessons about how the technology can improve construction. For example, it removes the need for scaffolding on the site and without builders on site, there is less dependence on the weather.

As usual with 3D printing, the technology reduces the ecological footprint of the site. It reduces waste of raw materials and the printer stays at the site, meaning it doesn’t need to be transported.

If you live near Nantes, the Yhnova house is open to the public on April 7th. After this, it will be used by the Regional House of Architecture for 6 weeks between April and June to teach pupils from local schools about architecture.

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Finally, after these projects end, the house will be allocated to a family. But, there’s no chance of buying or cheating the system as the website makes clear that it will be “allocated to a family according to the usual criteria of social housing”.

Find out more information about Yhnova by visiting the BatiPrint3D website.

Source: UN News

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