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3D Print With Improved Hemp Filament

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Save the planet and print using hemp: 3Dfuel is now offering a new, improved Entwined hemp filament with some “pretty big” changes from their v1 first release of the material.

Although we believe 3D printing could save our environment by reducing waste and speeding up manufacturing processes, there is yet some way to go to produce a popular filament for hobbyists which is good for the planet too.

However, 3D printing filament company 3Dfuel is working on creating specialized 3D printing filaments which have a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness.

So far, they’ve launched Wound Up, a filament made from coffee, and Buzzed, a filament made from beer. Last year, 3Dfuel also launched Entwined, an eco-friendly filament based on hemp. They claimed it’s the first commercially available hemp filament in the world. And no, it does not contain the typical byproducts of cannabis sativa, so inhaling any fumes will not make you run to the fridge in search for food.

3Dfuel improved upon their filament and are offering Hemp Filament v2 which offers some “pretty big changes”. A 500g spool will set you back €43 excluding VAT.

Improvements to Entwined

The company explains that changes to their most popular composite material include, reducing the particle size of the hemp material while increasing the percentage of hemp material. They add: “If you had a tricky time printing with Entwined in the past, the new formulation is much better.”

They’re also making it possible to print using a wider variety of 3D printers and nozzle sizes. Supposedly, this leads to a more consistent and slightly different print finish that Entwined version 1. Although the filament promises characteristics similar to that of PLA, it is unclear how durable Entwined really is.

Remember, to print with Entwined, you should start at 10 degrees cooler than you typically print with PLA. It prints best between 180-210 C and with a print bed set at 45 C – although a heated print bed is not necessary.

Using this filament will result in a brown print as Entwined doesn’t contain any dyes, meaning it keeps its natural color. However, reviews on their product page have been great so far, the wow-factor of the filament outweighs the dull color.

Other companies carrying filament made from hemp include Hemp Dispensary. Their product is yellow; a 2.85mm 3D filament of 500 grams costing €29.

Find out more about 3Dfuel’s filaments by visiting the website.



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