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2021: The Year of Greater Democratization of Emerging Technologies

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A Vice President at HTC, seasoned investor, strategic leader, creative podcaster and passionate evangelist, Pearly Chen delivered good vibes amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, capturing invaluable perspectives from an eclectic and group of business leaders and shared those compelling stories with the world.

As we prepare ourselves for a new year, Pearly celebrates an amazing first season of Good Vibes with VIVE by reflecting on some of her favorite moments from this past season. On the final episode of Season 1, Pearly looks back at some of the most innovative technologies and solutions of 2021 in a special Holiday episode. Pearly also shares her five key takeaways and top trends to look out for in the new year and beyond.

You’ve had a lot of great conversations with innovative leaders changing the way we live and work. What are a few of your key takeaways from those conversations?

The power of optimism is often underrated. We face a lot of challenges as a global community and there are always reasons for pessimism and despair, but it is up to us to choose optimism for each of our own ability to create change in our own ways. Optimism is something that I saw in each of my guests, and it is through positive thinking, ingenuity, and tenacity that they achieve their goals and change the world for the better.

What emerging technologies are you most excited about and why?

I am a big believer in the potential of immersive technologies as a force for good. I grew up witnessing how the internet and mobile computing democratized access to information, dramatically improved connectivity and fundamentally changed people’s livelihood. With the next convergence of XR interfaces, contextual AI, blockchain, enabled digital identity, asset ownership and decentralized governance, and next-gen networks like 5G, we have the potential to democratize access to experiences, and untapped human potential. I’m excited to see how this shift will broaden economic opportunities while enabling more humans to unleash their creativity and live fuller lives.

I am hopeful about our collective future where it is universally possible for people to work for self-actualization rather than sustenance. I believe that this is possible as technology continues to mature in a way that creates abundance while keeping human first and all technology creators true to our higher ideals.

How do you see the metaverse playing a role in our lives? Why does it matter?

Sci-fi writer, Neal Stephenson coined the term, “metaverse” in his 1992 novel, Snow Crash, and it has evolved ever since – HTC VIVE has played a leading role in enabling new possibilities of immersive worlds. Stephenson inspired our imagination of the metaverse, but the power is now in our hands to realize a non-dystopian version of it for our collective future. Beyond the exciting convergence of technological advancements, I think the profound promise lies in access and abundance. We now have a path to give everyone access to life-changing experiences and opportunities that used to be reserved for an elite few. Think education, training, digital work, and connecting with others, but also higher human imperatives to travel, explore, find a sense of self-worth, and stretch beyond limitations of one’s physical reality. The idea of empowering more people to realize their potential and live a life of more possibilities than otherwise possible is so powerful and achievable in the foreseeable future if we do our job right –investing, enabling, building, innovating — all with the right motivations.

As a mom of three young girls and working executive, what inspires the good vibes in your own life?

My girls are my unfailing source of good vibes. Some days are harder than others to juggle between all my responsibilities, but my children keep me grounded and give me a strong sense of purpose. It is truly up to each of us to contribute to building a better world than we found it in our short journey of life. Some of my other reliable, no-fail sources of good vibes include reading, traveling, staying active, quality time and stretching beyond what feels comfortable.

We feel so fortunate to have had such an incredible roster of guests in Season 1 and evolve the show into a podcast with longer form, personal storytelling that explores the relationship between technology, optimism, and connectivity. We’re excited to announce that Good Vibes with VIVE will be returning in January for a second season packed with exciting closed-door discussions with founders, innovators, and dreamers. Stay tuned for more updates on our Facebook, Twitter and podcast pages.

And from everyone with Good Vibes with VIVE, we wish you a safe and happy holiday!

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