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10 Amazing Starter kits

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Arcade kit

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This mini arcade cabinet is a wonderful kit that allows you to create a high-quality retro games console, with a nice stick and buttons which can be upgraded in the future if you wish.

£225 / $249

Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit

All-in-one Raspberry Pi

A box full of just about everything you need to create a PC – a Raspberry Pi 400, mouse, power supply, microSD card, and a nice Beginners Guide book. Just add a monitor or TV.

£94 / $125

CamJam EduKit 3 – Robotics

Beginner’s robot

A classic kit for beginners that lets you easily build and program a robot of your very own, and quite cheaply as well! You can even use the box as the chassis.

£18 / $24

Grow Kit

Automated herbs

Growing your own herbs is a great way to not have to constantly buy fresh herbs for cooking, and the Grow Kit makes it very easy to keep them watered so they’ll grow properly.

£30 / $40

Autonomous Robotics Platform for Pico

Pico robot

We’re entering a new world of Pico robotics, and this Kitronik kit will get you going with it. Pico offers different advantages over Raspberry Pi for robots, so give it a look.

£41 / $55

Pico Explorer Base

Pico playground

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This board allows you to really explore what can be done with a Pico, with plenty of stuff for beginners and loads of things you can then build up from, thanks to its breakouts and screen.

£22 / $29

Discovery Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico

Electronics and microcontrollers

Loads of little electronics bits that you can use with a Raspberry Pi as well as Pico. It comes with a little guide with several projects too.

£12 / $16

Monk Makes Project Box 1

Intro to electronics

With enough components to create ten projects, these Monk Makes boxes are a great way to get stuck in with a new Raspberry Pi.

£12 / $15

Raspberry Pi Pico MicroPython Learning Kit

More electronics

This is basically a bigger version of the Discovery kit with many more components to play around with. It even comes with a Pico.

£32 / $43

Grove Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico

Sensors and more

This kit is a great way to play around with sensors and motors and more without needing to worry to much about wires – just the programming.

£44 / $59

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