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#VIVEPORTAL Giveaway Contest

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Hey VR Community, thanks for visiting the page for the #VIVEPORTAL Giveaway Contest! Here you can find all the information about our first ever ARG (more to come if people like it!).

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Join in and solve the puzzle to reveal the giveaway, and don’t forget to tag your favorite VR Influencer with hashtag #VIVEPORTAL.

Want to play? Here’s the opening theme prologue audio for the Campaign:

Anonymous: Hello, is anyone listening? This is going to sound slightly awkward, but I am from what you consider the future. I know it’s hard to imagine, but in our time period the Overseers are taking control of everything. They’ve taken hold of the last free space in the Metaverse and Npumped it with mind-controlling content. There’s not much time, and most of our warriors have succumbed to mind-viruses.

We need help from someone – a free thinker from your time – to save humanity. In the future, battles aren’t won with bullets, but through information, mind influences, and creativity.

Our mini-transmitter could only send a few messages into your time period, but we’ve also sent the tech and specs back in time to construct a special portal to open up the Flow Stream. But we can’t just take anyone due to fear of infiltration from the Overseers that is still growing in your time period. Are you creative enough to resist their control? 

The portal to the future needs to be constructed at a specific location. We have hidden four components of the location within the VIVE content universe as it has shown to be the safest from our adversaries. My colleague Vee will be sending over a clue for each component when you are ready.

Anonymous: We don’t have much time so we need to start this process immediately. All the clues should be obtained within a week and we expect to bring on new free-thinking recruits within two weeks. 

Good luck, and remember – tomorrow’s freedom of humanity depends on your actions today.

This is Jordan Snowe, leader of the resistance, and I’ll be transmitting more communication to you when the time is right. For now, signing off.

Location of Clue #1, Round 1 (Play clue #1 audio here)

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The VR world in this time period has eight tiers of immersion. Before new immersion tiers get introduced in the future, you can find the first of four clues for the #VIVEPORTAL’s location surrounding the eight tiers. 

Round 1 Freebie: find the clue location here.

(Once you have collected all four clues, combine them to reveal the portal’s location. Share your guesses of the location before round 2 starts on July 31st. Don’t forget to tag your favorite VR Influencer with hashtag #VIVEPORTAL).

Now go and save the future of free thought for humanity!

Alright! That’s the first clue as a warm-up. More challenging clues will show up this week so check back to this blogpost (or see if your favorite VR influencer is sharing it on their social media or not). Once we revealed the location, venue, and itinerary of the secret #VIVEPORTAL, a creative free-thinker from the community will get the chance to be on an amazing adventure IRL.

*The #VIVEPORTAL Giveaway Contest is a joint partnership between HTC VIVE and a sponsor that will be revealed in Phase 2.

Website: LINK

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