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XYZPrinting Reveal Three New Products at CES 2018

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At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), XYZPrinting releases three new affordable devices which are updates on their previous products. 

XYZPrinting’s goal is to bring affordable and accessible 3D printers to the masses. Their three latest devices revealed at CES 2018 this year, are no different. As well as hobbyists, their latest products are also aimed at small businesses and schools.

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However, those loyal to the brand will realize that the devices are upgrades of previous models. For example, the da Vinci 3D Pen is getting a smaller brother, the “da Vinci 3D Pen Cool”. It works with “cool” filament that melts at a much lower temperature than most 3D pen filament (more about the technology here). This product will cost just $44.95.

You may remember talk of the da Vinci Nano which was revealed at CES 2017 but never made it to market. However, the company has spent the past year refining the design and hopes that this year it will be a success. This will cost $229 – the same as last year.

The third product is the da Vinci color AiO. This printer isn’t targeted at everyday consumers but rather businesses. It includes scanning and printing in color but will still be an “affordable” price of around $4,000. Also added is the ability to use the printer with voice commands.

“Our goal with the new line of products is not only to make 3D printing cost-effective for everyone, but also provide casual users and small business owners the tools and confidence to try their hand at this technology and incorporate it into their everyday lives, whether at home or at the office,” explained CEO Simon Shen in a statement.


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Features of the XYZPrinting Updates

Changes for the 3D Pen Cool include reducing the temperature, making it safer to use and touch. However, aside from this, pen is alike its predecessor, extruding PLA plastic filament.

This time around, the da Vinci Nano promises a similarly small size but has a new software package. This is called the XYZ app maker and allows you to print from your tablet. Another change includes moving from red to white.

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Interestingly, the company is aiming this printer at schools and has even created a curriculum to go hand in hand with the technology.

Thirdly, the da Vinci color AiO is not aimed at the everyday consumer. Instead, small businesses may benefit from this printer as it offers 3D printing technology and inkjet to allow for color printing and scanning. The da Vinci color AiO prints PLA filament and different ink droplet colors.

“We do think that the consumer market will take time to develop… To help with that we also target the education market and work with schools to develop the next generation’s interest in 3D printing. We hope that working with consumers and educations will work hand-in-hand together so 3D printing becomes more common,” explains marketing manager at XYZprinting, Frank Peng.

The company adds that these products will be available to purchase early this year. Find out more information on the XYZPrinting website.

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