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Xbox One problems: Dashboard tiles not loading

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One of the more obscure problems affecting several users (myself included) is that no dashboard tile images will load – this includes stuff from the games tab and the achievements.

It seems the root of the problem actually lies with the BT Homehub, all of us were using the Homehub 5 and by simply switching out to the Homehub 3 the dashboard tiles load!

Well, the fine fellas over at Xbox phone support have the solution and it’s so simple that you’ll kick yourselves.

The issue in fact lies with both BT Homehub 4 and 5. All you need do is open Internet Explorer on the Xbox One and one of the tabs should have a BT hub web page. Go ahead and open that page and follow the instructions before finally signing into your BT account. Once all signed in reboot the Xbox One and happy days problem solved.

Now, spread the good work and let’s all enjoy some next-gen gaming!

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