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X019: Expanding Project xCloud with More Games, More Ways to Play, and More Players

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  • More games with 50+ titles available in preview
  • More ways to play with expanding device & input types
  • More opportunities for players around the world to get involved

Today we crossed our one-month milestone for the Project
xCloud preview. A huge thank you to participants in Korea, UK, & US for the
incredibly valuable insights that help us shape the cloud gaming experience. We’ve
loved hearing anecdotes about how Project xCloud has enabled you to play Xbox
games on your phone or tablet in all sorts of unique places.

When we announced the Project xCloud preview back in
September, we were just getting started and intended on bringing you more
games, new features, and opportunities for even more players to join. Today, we
are sharing more details on what you can expect now and in the future.

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More Games: 50+ titles available in the Preview

Content is key for a great game streaming experience. With nearly two decades in the console space, we have developed strong relationships with creative partners across the industry who produce a wide variety of games. We also have 15 first-party studios continuing to create amazing games. It’s our fundamental belief that this content is available for gamers to play when and how they choose.

We’re excited to say that we’re adding more than 50 new titles from over 25 of our valued partners. Games such as Madden NFL 20, Devil May Cry 5, and Tekken 7 are now in the Preview library. Check out the full list of titles here. This is another step in the journey, and we will continue to add more games over time.


More Ways to Play: Expanding device & input types

Mobile phones provide a fantastic on-the-go gaming
experience, but our goal is to continue to provide people with even more ways
to play. Next year, we’ll bring Project xCloud to Windows PCs, and are
collaborating with a broad set of partners to make game streaming available on
other devices as well.  

Enabling people to play games on the device of their choice goes beyond a phone or tablet, it extends into how you control the game. In addition to using an Xbox One wireless controller, we’ll expand support to more Bluetooth controllers beginning next year, including the DualShock 4 wireless controller and game pads from Razer.

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More Opportunities for Players around the World to get

Since beginning the preview, we’ve been sending out waves of
invites to registered gamers, and today, we’re sending out additional invites
so more people can experience Project xCloud. We will continue inviting more
and more players over the course of the preview, so if you have not already
registered, you can sign up here.

We will also bring Project xCloud Preview to more markets beginning
in 2020, such as Canada, India, Japan, and Western Europe. Expanding to additional
markets over time is an important step in our journey to delight the 2 billion
gamers in the world. We’ll have more details to share soon on when and how to

What’s ahead?

We believe that Project xCloud is a key component that will
help us achieve our dream of gaming for everyone, everywhere in true Xbox style

  • Partnering with the world’s best: Content developers/publishers,
    silicon designers, hardware manufacturers, mobile operators, distributors, and
    many others.
  • Doing it in the way that requires no work for
    the developers: The over 3,500 games on Xbox One today & 1,900 games
    currently in development are already working on xCloud.
  • Bringing along your friends, your achievements, your
    saved game, and your progression so that you don’t have to start over.
  • Combining our strengths in Content, Community, and
    Cloud with YOU, the gamer, at the center.

We believe in the freedom to play and the freedom to choose.
In 2020 we will enable gamers to stream from the cloud Xbox games that they
already own or will purchase. We will also add game streaming from the cloud to
Xbox Game Pass. Gamers will be free to discover, choose, and play their
favorite games anywhere and everywhere.

Thank you again to all who have partnered with us. It is an
honor to create this experience and shape the game streaming future together. Please
continue to share your feedback and enjoy the new content and features!

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