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When is Battlefield 5 released? How to pre-order?

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BATTLEFIELD 5 has been billed as the most intense, immersive and innovative Battlefield game yet. So when is Battlefield 5 released and how can you pre-order it?

Battlefield 5 sees the iconic series return to its roots with a dramatic portrayal of World War 2.

Gamers play a character in a small squad of players that who must cooperate and coordinate together to achieve in-game goals.

Developers EA DICE have expressed their determination to tell new stories from a period that has been extensively covered.

EA DICE has reverted to its War Stories storytelling method which debuted in the most recent title Battlefield 1.

When is Battlefield 5 released?

The game’s release has been delayed by one month, meaning it will now launch on Xbox One,  PS4 and PC on November 20.

The developers explained the decision was made to provide Battlefield 5 with “final adjustments to the core gameplay” and to ensure the in-play experience optimised prior to release.

EA and Origin Access trials will also be affected by this delay.

The game can be pre-ordered from EA’s battlefield 5 site.

Website: LINK

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