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What is the biggest external hard drive PlayStation 4 supports?

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Why do I even need more storage?

Games are bigger than they’ve ever been, whether in terms of the sheer size of their worlds or the amount of content packed into them. This holds doubly true for the amount of space they take up on your hard drive.

At the beginning of the generation, Sony and Microsoft quickly found out that 500GB just wasn’t enough to include on their systems’ internal storage. Fast forward to today, and your standard PlayStation 4 console holds up to 1TB of storage, minus a small percentage that’s dedicated to running the console itself. You’d be surprised at how quickly the internal HDD fills up. If you do so without breaking a sweat, it’s time to upgrade to an external HDD.

Why should I purchase an 8TB HDD when others are smaller?

According to PlayStation Support, “You can use only one device for extended storage at a time. Even if you have connected two devices that are formatted for use as extended storage, only one can be active as extended storage.”

What this means is that while the PS4 unfortunately does not support the use of multiple external hard drives simultaneously, you can use more than one external hard drive and flip between them if 8TB isn’t enough.

Since it’s not ideal to swap between multiple hard drives unless you need to, it’s best to pick up the largest possible. You are already going to be spending close to $100 if you shell out for a 4TB external HDD. For a little more you can pick up an 8TB so you won’t need to worry about losing money on several purchases.

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