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Weekend Project: 3D Print Your Own NERF Thirst Zapper Gun From Fallout 4

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With just a spring and a 3D printer, Croatian digital artist and maker Vedran Marjanovic Wekster shows you how to create a NERF-ified version of the Thirst Zapper gun from the video game series Fallout. 

In the post-apocalyptic setting of the critically acclaimed video game Fallout 4, the main character– referred to as “Sole Survivor”– uses an eclectic and creative mix of weapons to trudge through a dark and dismal world. In the game, you can spray down your enemies with the cool and refreshing Thirst Zapper gun, a Nuka Cola bottle-shaped weapon that is capable of discharging irradiated soda at the bad guys.

- Werbung -
- Werbung -

Croatian artist and maker Vedran Marjanovic Wekster recently created his own 3D printed NERF-styled Thrist Zapper. The project was showcased on his YouTube channel Wekster’s Geeky Stuff, and subsequently upvoted to the front page of the 3D printing subreddit r/3Dprinting.

Wekster uses 3D printed parts and a small spring to create the Fallout themed NERF gun. Thankfully, he’s sharing the files on Thingiverse, so we can all prepare ourselves for any potential nuclear apocalypse.

Thirst Zapper NERF Gun: What do you Need?

For this Weekend Project, you just need a few things you might already have laying around the house. Here’s the list of goods:

  • 3D printer
  • STL files (via Thingiverse)
  • Small spring (Wekster notes that created the model to work with any spring that has a diameter larger than 9mm)
  • NERF darts
  • Small screws (test size at hardware store or from toolbox to find right fit)

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Thirst Zapper NERF Gun: Putting it all Together

Looking to improve upon his previous Rick and Morty-inspired NERF gun project, Wekster wanted to experiment with a reverse plunger mechanism. Instead of re-doing the model, he searched for a video game weapon that could contain the size of his new idea. Eventually, he settled on the Thirst Zapper from Fallout 4, a fitting match for the video game trailer creator and DIY enthusiast.

The model comes broken into 11 different 3D printable parts, including everything from the reverse plunger to the Nuka Cola logo. Wekster explains in his video that the smaller inside components were 3D printed with a 0.1 mm layer thickness, but he used a 0.4 mm layer thickness for the outer shell. In order to make the 3D printed parts strong enough to withstand force, he uses 60% infill for a number of them.

After 3D printing the various parts, Wekster painted the Thirst Zapper’s body to match the prop to the video game version. His exact post-processing method isn’t fully explained in the video, but you can use acrylic paint on white filament to achieve a similar effect.

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As you can see at the end of the the video posted below, the Croatian artist and maker becomes ecstatic after successfully testing his 3D printed Thirst Zapper, which fires out a NERF dart at an impressive speed.

If you’re looking for a fun project that will keep you hydrated and safe beyond the end of days, take a look at Wekster’s YouTube video and start 3D printing this Fallout-themed NERF gun before it’s too late.

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