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Viveport Infinity’s Top 10 Scary VR Titles for Halloween

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What’s lurking behind your headset this Halloween season? A mystery, a curse, a zombie, or an unfriendly spirit? This Halloween, Viveport Infinity is bringing the scares to you with our guide to the top 10 spooky virtual reality experiences full of terror and sure to make you scream.

To up the horror level, we’re bringing back our Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners promotion just in time for Halloween. Every new and existing annual Viveport Infinity member can claim their free title from October 22nd through November 3rd while supplies last. Just make sure to launch the title in Viveport Infinity before the promotion period is over to ensure it is yours to keep! For more details head here:

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Check below for the top 10 best scary titles in Viveport Infinity:

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

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In this fan favorite, players will experience a collection of classic and original mini-games set in the Five Nights universe. Survive terrifying encounters with your favorite killer animatronics as you repair claustrophobic ventilation systems, troubleshoot broken animatronics that could activate at any moment, or spend your evenings cowering in the nighttime security guard office.

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Layers of Fear VR

Layers of Fear VR is a psychedelic horror game that pulls you into the depths of insanity. Now the critically acclaimed terror brings its constantly changing Victorian mansion to a tangibly horrifying Virtual Reality. Delve deep into the mind of an insane painter and discover the secret of his madness. Uncover the visions, fears and horrors that entwine the painter and finish the masterpiece he has strived so long to create.

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Affected: The Manor

Are you ready to experience the scariest haunted house in VR? Built from the ground up for VR, Affected: The Manor provides scares and screams around every corner as you make your way through the hallways of the haunted manor.

Play now…if you dare.


You are trapped deep inside a massive dungeon. Explore it, survive it and find a way to escape. Your only weapons will be stealth, your own courage, and a faint light. Dreadhalls is an intense and scary experience, not for the faint of heart. You have been warned!

Start your escape today.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

Based on the hit PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film franchise, this terrifying immersive experience will have you shaking as you never know when you’ll scream next. As you explore a house in a quiet neighborhood, you’ll soon find that you’re not alone as you discover clues and unravel the horrifying mystery of what’s gone on in the house and struggle to survive the terror that hunts you. Featuring a proprietary scare engine, you’ll encounter a different experience every time you dare to play.

Get scared now.


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WREST is a sci-fi horror VR game that won’t just give you nightmares — it’ll throw you into them. You’re Andy Bishop, chief engineer of the spaceship Neptune. You should be enjoying a long, peaceful stasis nap, but you’ve just woken up from the worst dream imaginable, and now everyone on the ship is in terrible danger.

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The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The British Institute of Archaeology, London, 1908: The disappearance of an esteemed Egyptologist prompts a Police investigation into the unknown. Explore cryptic locations, examine fantastic gadgets and uncover an otherworldly discovery that blurs the line between reality and illusion.

Start your investigation.

Nevrosa Escape

An escape room experience with elements of action and horror, you’ll need to solve puzzles to find your way out of the laboratory. Will you stay sane as you try to solve the mystery surrounding you?

Solve the mystery.

Containment Initiative: Pumpkin Hunt

Containment Initiative is a local co-op VR shooter that can be played by two people on the same PC. Kill zombies alone in VR or have a friend cover you by using the mouse and keyboard. Features include realistic weapon reloading as well as a variety of unlockable guns, upgrades, and loot to find.

Find and destroy pumpkins throughout the month of October to unlock the Sawblade melee weapon in the Pumpkin Hunt update.

Start hunting.

Undead Development

How long would you survive in this unrealistic representation of the zombie apocalypse? Scavenge for supplies, find a base, and construct your defenses. Break down furniture and board up your home. Set bear traps, nail your axe to a gun, or find your own ways to fight off the undead.

Build your zombie-proof defense now.

We hope you have a Halloween full of scares and screams. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know your favorite VR horror.

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