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Video: Death by 2JZ beats old age any day – This stunning, wide body, single turbo Toyota Supra is a gun metal grey bullet pushing 930hp. Will try and kill you on full boost!

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“What an insane day behind the wheel of Marcel’s stunning JDM Mk.4 Toyota Supra. As a street car this widebody, single turbo, and gun-metal grey bullet of an import is ready for just about anything to challenges it. With a 2JZ engine under the hood pushing 930 HP to the rear wheels, it’s basically a massive handful at full boost and is a bomb waiting to explode (in the best way possible, that is). These cars always get my adrenaline pumping like almost nothing else on the road, and Marcel’s build is easily one of my favourite big turbo cars i’ve ever driven!” – @roadsuntraveled


- Werbung -

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