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How to use QUMOX SJ4000 (SJCAM) with official GoPRO Studio Software!

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Hey everyone, we got a Video earlier this Week from a Qumox SJ4000:

We got many Questions about the Cam, and here some Details to make everything clear:
Original Manufactur and Name: SJCAM
Amazon Model Name: QUMOX
we found out that QUMOX has no official Website, no Manufactur or something else,  but the cam is the Original Parts and SW as of the SJCAM, very interesting!
So here’s the Tutorial Part for all:
And a lill bit of patience 😉
So first of all Extract the actual MpegStreamClip zip to a Folder you want, and Start the Program. You Should see a screen like this:
Just select File, Open, Select your QUMOX or SJCAM Footage, and choose ‘Export to MPEG4’
You can define your Settings you want, the Best is for GPStudio just to go to 100% Quality and Save it as a New Mpeg4 File!
After a little bit of wait , the file should be ready and converted and you can go on to GoPro Studio to Open your New Converted File:
In the GoPro Studio App make sure to Check out the Free Templates you can Download and Use 🙂 😉
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