Use a Smartphone to Control Paper Airplanes with the PowerUP 3.0!

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The PowerUP 3.0 basically adds smartphone control to just about any paper airplane. Simply attach the PowerUP 3.0 to it, connect it to the app and you’re ready to fly. There motor consists a propeller / rudder in the back and the Bluetooth receiver/rechargeable battery up front. According to its creator, your paper airplane can hit 10mph and it’s built to withstand wind as well as a few crashes.


Get it here now.

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  • The world’s first remote controlled paper airplane conversion kit has a 180 feet/ 55 meter range and a crash-resistant design
  • Contains Bluetooth Smart Technology controlled by your smartphone (check compatible models below)
  • Special template paper to ensure easy folding and flying spare, micro USB cable for charging, spare propeller and rudder
  • Control by tilting smartphone or tablet right or left for maneuvering and ascend or descend using the throttle lever
  • Features battery level indicator charging status indicator and range indicators and an Air Traffic Control attribute


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