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Turn Your Phone into an Action Camera with the 3D Printed Periscope Case

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Defox has launched the 3D printed Periscope Case on Crowd Supply. The case is dubbed the working man’s Go Pro and can turn your phone into an action camera. 

If you’re interested in photography but don’t want to spend thousands on equipment, you might be interested in this 3D printed Periscope Case. Recently launched on the Crowd Supply crowdfunding site, the case is being dubbed the working man’s Go Pro.

The way it works is to attach the case to your phone as with a regular protective case. An angled mirror positioned in front of the camera captures footage while the phone is secured flat. The resulting shots should be better quality than those taken with your phone’s camera by itself.

So far the campaign has only raised $306 of  its $1,500 goal. However, there are still 42 days left. Behind the Periscope Case is Defox, a company which claims to specialize in 3D printed products for underserved markets.

“The inspiration came when I tried to live stream a crawlspace inspection of my house by strapping a smart phone to an RC Car. Getting it secured and at the right angle was impossible. A correctly angled mirror and some zip ties did the trick and I didn’t have to go under myself,” explains founder Trevor DeVos.

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Become an Action Photographer for $28

No matter whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you’ll be able to use the Periscope Case. This is thanks to 3D printing technology. Each Periscope Case is 3D printed as a solid part on the Jet Fusion 3D Printer by HP.

Due to the fact that the case is 3D printed in one, the potential fail points are reduced. This means that, as well as being an action camera enabler, the case also works as protection.

“Just about everyone already owns a powerful camera, their smartphone. Inspired by the sharing economy, we designed the case to allow the casual mobile photographer to use the hardware they already own. It eliminates the need to buy an additional action camera such as a GoPro if you aren’t a hardcore action photographer,” said deVos.

To use the Periscope Case you need to fix the camera at a convenient angle, whether by holding it or strapping it to something. Then, use the mirror to point the camera and shoot.

Everything from the case, the loops, the grips and the mirror latches are also printed together as one part, simplifying assembly. Every aspect of the case is designed, manufactured and packaged in the USA.

“If it’s a little hard to stomach strapping your shiny new phone to the front of a friend’s four-wheeler, this is a great reason to dust off those old forgotten phones in your dresser. At least for these more extreme applications,” deVos adds.

Find out more about the Periscope Case by visiting the Crowd Supply site.

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